Discovering Cory Arcangel's computer world. TateShots met Cory Arcangel at Team Gallery, New York, where he showed us around his exhibition Adult Contemporary.

There's his modified PlayStation controller, which does nothing but deliver gutter balls during a bowling game, and a film that relies heavily on special effects from a vintage machine bought from eBay.

Photoshop CS 110 x 72 inches, 300 dpi, RGB square pixels to fault gradient spectrum, mouse down y = 1,098, x = 1,749.9 mouse up = y = 0, x = 4,160. So that is basically the exact Photoshop instructions on how to produce this image.

My name is Cory Arcangel, and this is a show called Adult Contemporary. I think I should stand over here. I think it would look cool if I stand in front of it. I guess the idea is I kind of bought a lot of video equipment off eBay and I just kind of hooked it all together, and it was equipment that I didn’t really know how to use, and I just hooked it all together and started hitting random buttons, and so kind of what you see is a result of a kind of pretty much uninformed improvisation with technologies that I don’t really have much control over.

This is a piece called Permanent Vacation, and it is basically two iMacs which are stuck in an infinite Out of Office reply loop, so you know, this computer emails that one, and it responds that it’s out of office, and then this one will respond back it’s out of office, and about every two minutes it does that; and so it just, it’ll just go forever. Well, I guess I work in video and film and prints, but I guess the thing that ties it all together is maybe that I have a bit of a bent towards the kind of computer, kind of like maybe even like a computer nerd! Well, I don’t know if I would say that, but it’s kind of definitely a bent towards an interest in computers and the internet, and stuff like that.

Okay, we can go in here. It’s one of my favourites; probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. This is what it looks like; this little computer chip attached to the controller which essentially plays the game over and over, and bowls just the gutter balls every time. I was always working on the computer ever since I was little, so it’s not really a result of what’s happening now, although I think what’s happening now with the internet and stuff is pretty incredible; but it’s just a result that I basically have worked with computers ever since I can remember.

These are a series of monoprints, and basically they are a three colour silk screen, or red, blue and yellow, like kind of a dark pattern, just silk screened over itself three times; and they kind of look the way they do because I’m the one who actually pulled the prints, and I have no idea how to silk screen. So basically you’re seeing all the mistakes, and the misregistration and all the screw-ups.

This is Personal Film. It’s all film imagery that I actually bought online as video, and then edited it to make it look something along the lines of a kind of avant-garde film. I guess I’d always been making videos and stuff, and so it wasn’t like an epiphany. It just kind of happened, you know. The kind of interests collided, and that’s how things happened, I guess.