Daido Moriyama uses an ordinary compact camera and never stops shooting. In this film he invites us into his studio and takes us on a walk around the atmospheric Shinjuku neighbourhood, his home from home in Tokyo.

I have always felt that the world is an erotic place. As I walk through it my senses are reaching out and I am drawn to all sorts of things. For me cities are enormous bodies of people’s desires and as I search for my own desires within them I slice into time, seeing the moment. That’s the kind of camera work I like.

This is the entrance to my office. My workspace is downstairs. I can’t possibly show you around. It’s really messy in here. I am a little embarrassed. This room is even messier. I am so embarrassed that it is so disorganised in here. I don’t use a large camera. Instead I always use a compact camera. I mainly photograph in the street and this doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to shoot with.