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Felicia Browne: Unofficial War Artist

Uncover the life and work of young artist and political activist Felicia Browne

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This film uncovers the work and untimely death of Felicia Browne, a young artist who lost her life in the first months of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Her archives have made possible a deeper understanding and a broader awareness of her work, mapping her career as an artist through the political developments across Europe: moving from London to Berlin to study sculpture in 1928, then finally to Spain where she was the first British casualty, fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

The film also reflects on the resonance of Browne's work and sacrifice to contemporary artist Sonia Boué, whose journalist father escaped to Britain as a refugee from Spain.

Felicia Browne (18 February 1904 – 25 August 1936) was an English artist. Born in Surrey, she studied the Slade School of Art from 1927-28, later travelling to Berlin to study metalwork where she participated in anti-Fascist activities. In the early 1930s she returned to Britain, leaving her sculptures and tools behind and joined the Communist Party of Great Britain as well as the Artists' International Association.

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