Hans Haacke: Exposing systems of power

The artist talks about two key works, Condensation Cube 1963–5 and A Breed Apart 1978

Since the mid-1960s, the German artist, Hans Haacke has produced controversial work, often exposing systems of power and influence. In this film, he talks about two key works, Condensation Cube 1963-5 and A Breed Apart 1978.

'I believe it is necessary for the public... the voters... to become aware of these interdependencies, and come up with, hopefully , an alternative to it.' explains Hans Haacke.

In this rare interview, he explores the relationship between the object and the viewer, as well as discussing in depth how he came to make the political work targeting the former car manufacturer British Leyland, A Breed Apart, for a solo show in Oxford.

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