The German filmmaker Harun Farocki explored themes of capitalism, consumerism, media, technology, war and entertainment. Re-inventing the 'filmic essay', his work challenged the borders between cinema and art.

Beginning his filmmaking practice in the late 1960s, Farocki combined documentary and found footage to examine subjects through associations of images. From the 1990s onwards, he made films for two or more screens that comment on one another.

This film contains excerpts from the following Farocki works: Inextinguishable Fire 1969, Videograms of a Revolution 1992, Eye / Machine II 2001, Workers Leaving the Factory in Eleven Decades 2006, Deep Play 2007, Serious Games III: Immersion 2009, Serious Games IV: A Sun without Shadow 2010 and Parallel I-IV 2012-14.