Martin Creed in Edinburgh

We chat to Martin Creed as he installs his exhibition Down Over Up at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh (2010) and discover how he uses repetitive actions to help make sense of the world

In 2010, at the world's largest arts festival in Edinburgh, former Turner Prize winner, Martin Creed was all over the city. His ballet Work No. 1020 was at the Traverse Theatre; he presented his new book, Works, during the literary festival; and also had an exhibition Down Over Up at The Fruitmarket Gallery in which he showed a selection of works that focus on stacking and progression in size, height and tone. A musical staircase plays a different note for every step you take, a lift sings scales as you move from one floor to the other, and a row of prickly green cacti, lined up small to large, confront you in the gallery.

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