TateShots caught up with artist Mat Collishaw at the Freud Museum in Finchley, North London, where visitors are being treated to a series of his elaborate interventions. TateShots speaks to Mat Collishaw about his exhibition Hysteria at the Freud Museum, London.

Set amongst the curiously preserved environment of Sigmund Freud's former residence and clinic, Collishaw's artworks muse over the methodology of psychoanalysis. The centrepiece to the exhibition is a large zoetrope showing the mis-adventures of some cheeky, cherubic little boys as they become violent in a Garden of Unearthly Delights.

This is located in Anna Freud's room, where the psychologist would diagnose conditions in misbehaving youngsters. "I don't really understand that", Mat tells us, "perhaps little boys are just naughty..."