Nira Pereg



Nira Pereg is an Israeli artist (born in 1969 in Israel). She spent the 90s in New-York, where she received her BFA from Cooper Union at NYC. On her return to Israel, she graduated from the Bezalel MFA studio program in Jerusalem, and has been teaching internationally ever since.

Pereg’s multi-channel video installations challenge the status quo of any territory she immerses herself in. She anchors her work in documentary practice. However, in order to challenge the traditional role of the “real” verses the “artificial” Pereg developed her own language of editing in which a studio produced sound track questions these images, and a multi channel presentation juxtaposes events and space. This particular aesthetic intervention plays a crucial role in the work’s spatial presentation, and heightens a constant discomfort with “the way things are”. The merger of spirit and matter, as it is coexist in public spaces of religious/political/military presence, serves as a platform for Pereg’s interest and involvement in the social manifestations of systems and structures which influence our lives.

“Nira Pereg works by immersing herself in contexts that are both familiar and nonfactual, thereby doing away with the notions of proximity and dis-tance. This apparently distant eye that Nira Pereg systematically applies to her subjects is the very form of her commitment. To show the mechanics of exclusion, to set up one’s camera in front of the protocol of separation, as she does in Abraham Abraham Sarah Sarah, is to do much more than merely document a situation, it is to follow the thread of life running through socio-political mechanisms, to undertake an archaeology of the present.”

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