Mavis Cheek & Antonio Carluccio on Patrick Caulfield

The writer and cook discuss the artist's work

Writer Mavis Cheek discusses Patrick Caulfield's painting After Lunch and food writer and cook Antonio Carluccio recollects recreating one of Caulfield's painting in real life.

Both share their memories of the artist with Tateshots in celebration of the opening of Caulfield's new exhibition at Tate Britain, open 5 June - 1 September, 2013 Celebrated British painter, Patrick Caulfield (1936--2005) has been known for his iconic and vibrant paintings of modern life that reinvigorated traditional artistic genres such as the still life.

Celebrating the artist's mastery of colour, graphic elegance as well as his wit, this exhibition will offer the chance to reassess his influences and the legacy of his approach to painting.

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