Victor Pasmore


Victor Pasmore, ‘Abstract in White, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey and Pink’ c.1963
Abstract in White, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey and Pink c.1963
© estate of Victor Pasmore / DACS 2020
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    Chris Stephens, curator of modern British art and head of displays at Tate Britain will be discussing the aesthetics of …


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    Objective abstraction

    The term objective abstraction refers to a non-geometric style of abstract art developed by a group of British artists in …
  • Art Term


    Constructionism was an extension of constructivism in Britain from about 1950, with artists using naturally occurring proportional systems and rhythms …
  • Art Term

    Euston Road School

    The Euston Road School was a British realist group formed in 1938 of artists who either taught or studied at …
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    Victor Pasmore's Black Abstract

    Gabriel Kuri

    Tate Etc. at Tate Britain / Artists' Perspectives
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    Through Pasmore's eyes: Behind the curtain

    Paul Bailey

    In his first visit to the Tate archive, the writer Paul Bailey is surprised to find an early painted sketch …

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