Vito Acconci

1940 – 2017

Vito Acconci, ‘SEEDBED’ 1972
© Vito Acconci
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  • Art Term

    Performance art

    Artworks that are created through actions performed by the artist or other participants, which may be live or recorded, spontaneous …
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    Vito Acconci born 1940Sonnabend Show Jan 72: Archives 1972

    Jonah Westerman

    As part of Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art, Jonah Westerman explores Vito Acconci's Sonnabend Show Jan 72: …
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    Bound to fail: Open Systems I

    Christy Lange

    The late 1960s saw a radical rethinking of the art object, with the emphasis shifting away from the static artwork …
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    But is it installation art?

    Claire Bishop

    What does the term ‘installation art’ mean? Does it apply to big dark rooms that you stumble into to watch …
  • Essay

    Cruel and tender

    Carter Ratcliff

    What is the place of documentary photography in art? This is the central question raised by Tate's first major exhibition …

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