Wifredo Lam


Wifredo Lam, ‘Ibaye’ 1950
Ibaye 1950
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  • Tate Etc

    Wifredo Lam: the Albissola years

    Eskil Lam

    The Cuban-born artist Wifredo Lam (1902–1982), whose retrospective at Tate Modern opens in September, spent the last decades of his …
  • Art Term


    Négritude was an anti-colonial cultural and political movement founded by a group of African and Caribbean students in Paris in …
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    Auntie Flo: The sound of Wifredo Lam

    DJ and producer, Brian d’Souza aka Auntie Flo shares his selection of tracks inspired by The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam
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    Who is Wifredo Lam?

    To coincide with The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam at Tate Modern, we explore the artist and his life
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    Wifredo Lam: Man of the World

    Cuban born artist, Wifredo Lam, spent much of his life on the road. The influence of his travels can be …

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