MixTate HVOB on Helena Almeida

Austrian duo HVOB take inspiration from the serenity and clarity of Helena Almeida’s series Drawing (with pigment) 1995–9

Helena Almeida
Drawing (with pigment) (1995–9)

Anna Müller There are pictures that demand your attention. And there are pictures that appear unremarkable. That’s their party trick. These pictures are like Trojans. They work their way into your head, into your heart and soul, where they flourish, and the best ones stick with you forever. I’m not familiar enough with Helena Almeida’s work to be able to discuss it. But judging by the pictures of hers I do know, she is a master of the visual equivalent of an earworm. When I came across this picture for the first time, I almost overlooked it. But it soon came back, like a memory, you could say that the picture materialised within me. I’ve carried it with me ever since, it accompanies me, sometimes it’s stoical, sometimes imperious, sometimes expectant or dormant.

Paul Wallner I’m captivated by the perfection of the drawing. This simplicity creates a calmness and clarity, a serenity and wisdom, which nurtures the desire to discover new things.


1. Gravenhurst – Song From Under The Arches
2. HVOB – The Anxiety To Please
3. Aphex Twin – 18 With My Family
4. Naked Lunch – Town Full Of Dogs
5. 13 & God – Soft Atlas
6. The Cooper Temple Clause – 555-4823
7. Mogwai – I Know You Are But What Am I?
8. HVOB – Ghost

HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys), aka Anna Müller and Paul Wallner are a producer duo from Vienna, Austria. Their second album Trialog is an interdisciplinary collaboration between HVOB, the VJs licherloh and Clemens Wolf.

This mixtape is the fifth in the MixTate series.

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