David Annesley



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David Annesley born 1936
Painted steel
Object: 1003 × 2070 × 737 mm
Presented by Alistair McAlpine (later Lord McAlpine of West Green) 1970

Catalogue entry

David Annesley b. 1936

T01342 Loquat 1965

Not inscribed.
Painted steel, 39½ x 8½ x 29 (100.5 x 207 x 73.5).
Presented by Alistair McAlpine 1971.
Exh: Waddington Galleries, March-April 1966; The Alistair McAlpine Gift, Tate Gallery, June-August 1971 (4, repr. in colour).
Lit: Anne Seymour, in catalogue of The Alistair Ale Alpine Gift, 1971, pp. 37–48.

When the spectator confronts sculpture by David Anneslcy he is invited to focus as much on space as on metal, so that the sculpture can seem to be made up of different thicknesses of coloured line. The focus, the position, depth and the proportions of line and colour change as he moves about.

This is less clearly defined in the earlier pieces in that one tends to look down on rather than straight at them and they tend to be more object-like, but the forms and colours already suggest the fluidity and tension contained in what Anneslev calls ‘making an envelope of space’. Curving spring-back shapes as in ‘Loquat’, ‘Godroon’ and ‘Jump’ and in the later circle sculptures are particularly expressive of a feeling of contained expansion.

T01342 is one of an edition of three.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1970–1972, London 1972.


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