MixTate Visionist on Francis Bacon

London-based producer Visionist sees light through the darkness of Francis Bacon’s Study for a Portrait

On a recent visit to Tate Britain it was Francis Bacon’s Study for a Portrait that most caught my attention. For me, seeing a suited man screaming plays on the notion of outward appearance versus what might be going on inside. The suit is a symbol of professionalism and control, but the action shows the opposite. I guess it is an image I can relate to as I have constant battles with myself. Music for me is a great sense of release as I work on internal situations. In the man’s outburst I don’t just see anger, I see a way of letting off stress and that there can be light in every darkness depending on your approach.


1. Visionist – Sin-cere
2. Phillip Glass – Morning Passages
3. Visionist – To Careful To Care
4. William Basinski – Melancholia
5. Visionist – FYA
6. Steve Reich – Proverb
7. Visionist – Safe
8. John Cage – Dream
9. Visionist – Untitled 1
10. Terry Jennings – For Christine Jennings 1960
11. Visionist – Untitled 2

Visionist is a producer based in London. His debut album Safe was released on PAN in 2015.

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