Michael Bolus

5th Sculpture


Not on display

Michael Bolus 1934–2013
Painted steel
Object: 606 × 816 × 410 mm
Presented by Alistair McAlpine (later Lord McAlpine of West Green) 1970

Catalogue entry

Michael Bolus b. 1934

T01350 5th Sculpture 1963

Not inscribed.
Painted steel, 23¿ x 32¿ x 16¿ (60.5 x 81.5 x 41).
Presented by Alistair McAlpine 1971.
Exh: The Alistair McAlpine Gift, Tate Gallery, June–August 1971 (12, repr.).
Lit: Richard Morphet, in catalogue of The Alistair Ale Alpine Gift, 1971, p. 56.

‘5th Sculpture’ is a closed cylinder next to a cylinder which, though only partial, evokes the whole; it can also be seen as like a partially unwound roll of paper. In these first two works (‘1st Sculpture’, 1963, and ‘5th Sculpture’, 1963) Bolus seeks to give sculptural equivalents for sensations such as pulling and pouring, and later works will be concerned with stretching, compressing, inverting, balancing, etc. Through the fall of shadow the incomplete cylinder can itself be reconstituted, in two dimensions; as his present-day work shows Bolus is always concerned to integrate his works with natural phenomena, such as shadows, reflections and the changing fall of light.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1970–1972, London 1972.

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