Robert Clatworthy



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Robert Clatworthy born 1928
Object: 180 × 380 × 150 mm
Transferred from the Victoria & Albert Museum 1983

Catalogue entry

T03714 BULL 1956

Bronze 7 1/8 × 14 7/8 × 5 7/8 (180 × 380 × 150)
Not inscribed
Transferred from the Victoria and Albert Museum 1983
Prov: Purchased from the Hanover Gallery, 1957, by the Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum (Circ. 636–1957)
Exh: Robert Clatworthy, Hanover Gallery, September 1957 (4, repr.); travelling exhibitions of Department of Circulation, Victoria and Albert Museum

This and T00265 (purchased in 1959) are both studies for a life size sculpture of a bull, which was exhibited, as a plaster, at the London County Council open air exhibition Sculpture 1850 and 1950 in Holland Park in the summer of 1957.

The starting point was the sight of a bull in a field next to the artist's studio in Sussex. Clatworthy remembers making about fifteen studies of this size and two larger ones, about 36 ins. across, all made directly in plaster. They were not completed as a sequence, and sometimes altered after others had been begun. About eight were cast in bronze. It is possible that T03714 was the first study with a rectangular piece of plaster, separately cast, added to the shoulder, serving as a formal device to stress the vertical and horizontal beside the twisting body. The white dust in the crevices of the bronze are remnants of the mould, deliberately not removed.

The large sculpture was admired at Holland Park by the architect (for the London County Council) of the Alton Estate in Roehampton (built 1952–8), who commissioned the bronze cast that is there.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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