Hubert Dalwood

Maquette for ‘Arbor’


Not on display

Hubert Dalwood 1924–1976
Plaster on wooden base
Object: 356 × 483 × 457 mm
Purchased 1982

Catalogue entry

T03474 Maquette for ‘Arbor’ 1971

Painted plaster on wood 14 × 19 × 18 (335 × 485 × 457)
Not inscribed
Purchased from New Art Centre (Gytha Trust) 1982
Prov: Purchased by New Art Centre from the artist's estate
Exh: Hubert Dalwood, Sculptures and Reliefs, AC tour, Hayward Gallery, January–March 1979, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, April–May 1979, University Gallery, Leeds, May–June 1979, Rochdale Art Gallery, June–July 1979, Newport Museum and Art Gallery, August–September 1979 (66); Hubert Dalwood, 1924–1976, Gimpel Fils and New Art Centre, February 1982 (18)
Repr: British Sculptors'72, RA, 1972 (17); Arts Review, XXIV, 15 January 1972, p.9

‘Arbor’ was a very large sculpture (180 × 192 × 192 ins.) made to be installed at the Royal Academy's British Sculptors '72 exhibition in their Gallery VIII and later destroyed by the artist. This maquette was used as a model and was followed closely, except that the pieces on a large scale were in proportion thinner, and gave a more open appearance.

This maquette is ‘opus 122’ in the artist's own catalogue. It is listed there as unique but ‘copy available in gesso and wood or aluminium or bronze’, although no further copies were made in wood or plaster. ‘Opus 125’ is an aluminium cast of this, and was purchased by the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1975. Dalwood was seriously ill during the years 1971–4, and made few other sculptures.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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