Robyn Denny

Figure I


Not on display

Robyn Denny 1930–2014
Oil paint, paper and graphite on paper
Support: 527 × 432 mm
Presented by the artist 1973

Catalogue entry

Robyn Denny b.1930

T01837 Figure I 1960

Inscribed ‘Denny 60’b.r.
Oil, pencil and collage of painted papers on paper, 20¾ x 17 (52.5 x 43).
Presented by the artist 1973.
Exh: Tate Gallery, March–April 1973 (not numbered).

In 1960 Denny developed the image of an upright column or slab of colour placed centrally within a light-toned field of few or no motifs. The central column stretched from the base of the picture to at least half way up the picture plane. This appeared as a pictorial space whose dimensions were an addition or an alternative to that suggested by the field in which it was set. The column was either of a single colour or as in T01837 and T01838 rows of different colours. In T01837 these rows are formed by a collage of painted torn paper fixed to a white ground. Denny intended that they should be seen not only as a vertical arrangement but also that the marks on the separate strips should be visually related horizontally and additional paint marks were made after the individual strips had been collaged. T01837 was not a study for any particular painting but formed part of a development that led to several paintings made in 1961 which use this format.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1972–1974, London 1975.

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