Juan Manuel Echavarría, with Fernando Grisalez

Réquiem NN


In Tate Modern

65 lenticular photographs, inkjet prints on paper, face-mounted to acrylic
Displayed: 2660 × 6700 mm
Lent by the Tate Americas Foundation, courtesy of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee 2020
On long term loan

Display caption

Each of these prints captures two moments, months or years apart. They show graves in the cemetery of Puerto Berrío, a town on the banks of the Magdalena river in Colombia. For decades, the site has been the resting place for unidentified bodies found on the shores of the river. They are rescued by the villagers of Puerto Berrío and buried in the town cemetery. They are known as ‘NN’s ‘Nomen Nescio’ or ‘No Names’. Echavarría spent years visiting the site, gaining trust and permission from the community. Through his lens, he preserves and records this act of mourning, which he sees as a form of collective resistance. In some cases, families from Puerto Berrío have renamed the deceased with names of loved ones who also lost their lives in the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war.

Gallery label, December 2020

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