Garth Evans

Untitled No.3


Not on display

Garth Evans born 1934
Object: 200 × 2850 × 2410 mm
Presented by the artist in memory of his father, Cyril Evans 2003

Technique and condition

The following entry is based on the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

Strips of black flexible rubber adhered together to form an open grid like network of mainly 120 x 120 mm squares and 110mm side hexagons (internal measurements) with some irregular configurations. The processed rubber strap work is cut to the required length and attached together with adhesive. The surface of the rubber is embossed on one side with cross hatching at 1mm intervals. There are orange wax crayon markings on some areas. These appear deliberate and could have been made by the artist.

The work is displayed directly onto the gallery floor, the network relaxed to allow the rubber to curve in all directions producing an outline of a rough square.

Upon acquisition the structural condition of the sculpture was weak although typical for materials of this age. There were four joint failures at adhered joins and fourteen breaks and tears in the rubber straps. This damage was mainly towards the outside edge of the sculpture and therefore could be a result of a build up of tension during handling, highlighting the weak areas. The joins were lined and re adhered with a rubber adhesive. A support packing system for storage and transportation was devised to maintain the intended shape of the sculpture without strain to the rubber matrix.

Jodie Glen-Martin
November 2005


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