Luciano Fabro

Every Order is Contemporaneous of Every Other Order: Four Ways of Examining the Façade of the SS. Redentore in Venice


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Luciano Fabro 1936–2007
Original title
Ogni ordine è contemporaneo d'ogni altro ordine: quattro modi d'esaminare la facciata del ss. Redentore a Venezia
Screenprint on papers
Overall: 2530 × 9460 mm
Purchased 1984

Catalogue entry

P07994 [formerly P07994-P07997] SS Redentore 1972

Four-part screenprint, three parts composed of twelve sheets and one part composed of fifteen sheets; P07994 99 5/8 × 85 3/4 (5300 × 1800) overall, P 07995 94 7/8 × 110 5/8 (4100 × 8100) overall, P07996 99 5/8 × 85 5/8 (5300 × 1705) overall, P07997 97 5/8 × 92 1/8 (4800 × 3400) overall, printed by Alfredo and Enrico Rossi, Genova, published by them with the artist
Inscribed ‘Luciano Fabro’ on the title page and ‘51/120’
Purchased from Galeria Pieroni, Rome (Grant-in-Aid) 1984

This work is a screenprinted line drawing of the façade of SS Redentore with three variations on the proportions invented by Fabro: P07994 is the façade and P07995–7 are the variations. Each part is accompanied by a sheet printed with a small image of the façade depicted in that part and there is a sheet headed ‘Sinottica degli insiemi e delle proporzione’ with small images of all four; there is also a title page bearing the artist's signature and those of the printers.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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