Ian Hamilton Finlay

‘The Birch Tree...’


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Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925–2006
Woodcut on paper
Image: 92 × 116 mm
Purchased 1983

Catalogue entry

P07924 [from] Two Trees 1982 [P07923-P07924; complete]

Two woodcuts 3 5/8×4 5/8 (92 × 116) and 4 5/8 × 5 7/16 (116 × 138) respectively, printed by Richard Healy, published by the Wild Hawthorn Press in editions of 300
Not inscribed
Purchased from the artist (Grant-in-Aid) 1983

Each of this pair of woodcuts is marked out with a flap at the right side on which are printed instructions for folding and glueing the sheet into a rectangular column. They are printed in green and each has lettering down one face of what would be the column if so fixed. The idea is related to Finlay's installation at the Kroller-Muller Museum, near Arnhem, where he put stone column bases on actual trees. Finlay believes that this - or something like it - may have been done by the Romans.

This and the following entries [P07625-P07634 and P07645-P07647] have all been approved by the artist.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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