MixTate Lixo on William Hogarth

London-based producer Lixo takes inspiration from William Hogarth’s Gin Lane

William Hogarth
Gin Lane (1751)

I found Gin Lane 1751 very striking as a teenager. It’s incredibly sinister and yet somehow comic in its depiction of London’s booze epidemic during the 18th century – an image which seems all too relevant today.

There is a tension in the detail of the piece and a somewhat surreal tone which I try and convey in my own drawings and, in turn, in the music I make. I would say my sound is rooted in London and Hogarth’s piece evokes the immense history the capital holds. I feel it’s all somehow connected – a progression from the syphilitic woman drunk on ’Mother’s Ruin’ to contemporary binge drinking, promiscuity and the imminent collapse of society as we know it.


1. Lixo - Untitled
2. Lixo - Untitled
3. Lixo - Untitled
4. Lixo - Effexor
5. Lixo and The Ritson Brothers - AT-4
6. Lixo - Not The Answer
7. Lixo - Splurger
8. Lixo - Untitled

Lixo (aka Alex Hislop) is a producer based in London. His debut EP Gloomer was released in 2015 on GETME!

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