Shirazeh Houshiary

Beating of her Wings IV


Not on display

Shirazeh Houshiary born 1955
Acrylic paint, paper and graphite on paper
Support: 379 × 576 mm
Presented by the Weltkunst Foundation 1987

Catalogue entry

T05017 Beating of her Wings IV 1987

Black and silver acrylic paint, pencil and collage on brown wrapping paper 379 × 576 (15 × 22 1/2)
Various inscriptions in Persian in various places and inscribed ‘Shirazeh Houshiary’ in pencil on back b.r.
Presented by the Weltkunst Foundation 1987
Exh: Shirazeh Houshiary: Breath, Lisson Gallery, Sept.–Oct. 1987 (no number)

In T05017 the artist has depicted a vertically positioned, silver two-winged form located near the corner of a room. A predominantly black wing, with an inner edge of silver, is curled behind it. As in ‘Beating of her Wings II’ (T05015), ‘III’ (T05016) and ‘Study for “Distance is Lit by Round Wings”’, 1987 (repr. Shirazeh Houshiary, exh. cat., Centre d'art contemporain, Geneva 1988, p.22), the artist has collaged a pencil drawing next to the main part of the image. The drawing is of two elliptical discs joined together but opening like a shell. The discs are reminiscent of two sculptures made in 1987, ‘The Angel of Thought’, and ‘Dark Angel’ (repr. Geneva exh. cat., 1988, pp.11, 44). Compared with the positioning of the discs in these sculptures, the discs here seem to be depicted on their side, giving the impression that they are floating.

T05017 is one of at least eleven works on paper made by the artist between 1985 and 1987, that, together with a group of sculptures, addressed the subject of the angel (see entries on T05022 and T05013-T05016). Seven sculptures refer directly to an angel or to angel's wings in their titles. T05017 is one of four works on paper that relate to the theme of ‘Beating of her Wings’ (see the previous three entries).

The artist has approved this entry.

Published in:
Tate Gallery: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions 1986-88, London 1996

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