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John Hoyland 1934–2011
Etching and aquatint on paper
Image: 692 × 543 mm
Presented by Rose and Chris Prater 1980

Catalogue entry

P05549 MEMPHIS 1980

Inscribed ‘John Hoyland 1980’ and ‘P/P’

Etching and aquatint, printed at Kelpra Studio, published by Waddington Graphics in an edition of 60, 27 1/4×21 3/8 (69.2×54.3)
Presented by Rose and Chris Prater 1980

These prints [P07513, P07514, P05549, P05550, P05551, P05567] manifest Hoyland's desire to use the etching process as a colouristic rather than linear medium. Working directly into a soft or hard ground with a brush loaded with white spirit, he has produced contrasting scumbled and opaque areas in a manner closely resembling his gouache drawings of the same period. The fresh colour and the lively surface of a work such as ‘Anking’ [P07513] result from the manipulation of aquatint and the bleeding of inks. Hoyland has encouraged the formation of drip marks and other accidental markings conferring upon the printmaking medium characteristics normally associated with his painting. Because these only become apparent in proofing, the final decisions concerning the conception as well as the executing of the image are often made at a later stage.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1980-82: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1984

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