Mark Leckey

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore


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Mark Leckey born 1964
Video, projection, colour and sound
Overall display dimensions variable
duration: 15 min
Purchased from funds provided by the Film and Video Special Acquisitions Fund 2003

Display caption

Leckey’s video essay Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore is a compilation of found footage from British dance floors which chronicles Britain’s underground club scene, from Northern Soul in the 1970s to the Rave scene of the early 1990s. Crowds of devotees abandon their everyday lives to lose themselves to the music on the dance floor.
For Leckey, ‘Fiorucci is essentially a ghost film… Some people don’t enjoy Fiorucci because they’d rather keep the past as their memories, within their own bodies. It’s like a cursed video; if they see Fiorucci it overwrites their memory. So if you try to picture a 90s rave you can’t help but see it on VHS, and in that sense rave has come to embody the end of the analogue age.’

Gallery label, September 2019

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