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Sol LeWitt 1928–2007
Lithograph on paper
Image: 356 × 356 mm
Purchased 1971

Catalogue entry

This catalogue entry discusses a group of works.

Sol LeWitt born 1928

P07066-81 Lines of one Inch in four Directions and four Colours, and all Combinations (Set of 16) 1971

Each print inscribed '10/50' b.l. and 'LeWitt' b.r. and stamped on the back 'Copyright | Landfall Press Inc. | 63 W. Ontario Street | Chicago, Ill.60610' b.l. (with the individual number from SL 70-115 onwards inscribed below)
Sixteen lithographs, each 14 x 14 (35.5 x 35.5) on paper 23 x 23 (58.5 x 58.5)
Purchased from the Lisson Gallery (Gytha Trust) 1971
Prov: With Lisson Gallery, London (purchased from the Landfall Press Inc., Chicago)
Exh: Sol LeWitt, Lisson Gallery, London, June-July 1971 (no catalogue)
Lit: Print Collector's Newsletter, 1, 1971, p.132; Sol LeWitt: Graphik 1970-1975 (Kunsthalle, Basle, and Verlag Kornfeld und Cie, Bern 1975), No.L.7, final print repr. in colour p.37
Repr: Michael Knigin and Murray Zimiles, The Contemporary Lithographic Workshop around the World (New York 1974), final print repr. p.114 in colour

These lithographs were printed between 27 October 1970 and 1 March 1971. The suite consists of sixteen sheets of Magnani (Italia), each measuring 23 x 23 (58.5 x 58.5). All the pages were hand pulled from aluminium plates. The images were drawn on frosted mylar with a rapidograph pen and India ink and photographically reproduced on deep-etch plates. The inks used in printing were standard process colours with the exception of the black which was Senefelder Crayon Black. Each of the lithographs was printed by Printers Jerry Raidiger, Robert Hicks and D.R. Holman under the supervision of Master Printer Jack Lemon. In addition to the publisher's edition of 50 (of which this set is no.10), there were ten subscribers' proofs of each lithograph, 10 artist's proofs, 4 Landfall Press impressions and a further 4 or 5 pulls for the printers or for proofing, etc. Each set was issued by the publishers, Landfall Press, Inc. of Chicago, in a portfolio, originally under the title 'Sixteen Lithographs in Color'.

The suite was based on four-directional one-inch lines (vertical, horizontal, left to right diagonal and right to left diagonal) and all their additive possibilities. Each direction is printed in a different colour. The final print (P07081) serves as a key to the series, as it is divided into sixteen squares of which the first fifteen relate to the colours and designs of each of the preceding prints in order. In the remaining sixteenth space (bottom right) there is the following printed inscription:

'Straight lines, approximately one inch long, drawn at random within a square using four directions of line, each a different color: (1) Yellow/vertical (2) Black/horizontal (3) Red/diagonal, left to right (4) Blue/diagonal, right to left and all combinations of these lines and colors.'

The colours of the individual prints, with their Sol LeWitt reference numbers, are as follows:

P07066 Yellow (SL 70-115)
P07067 Black (SL 70-116)
P07068 Red (SL70-117)
P07069 Blue (SL70-118)
P07070 Yellow-black (SL 70-119)
P07071 Yellow-red (SL 70-120)
P07072 Yellow-blue (SL 70-121)
P07073 Red-black (SL 70-122)
P07074 Black-blue (SL 70-123)
P07075 Red-blue (SL 70-124)
P07076 Yellow-red-blue (SL 70-125)
P07077 Yellow-black-blue (SL 70-126)
P07078 Yellow-black-red (SL 70-127)
P07079 Black-red-blue (SL 70-128)
P07080 Yellow-black-red-blue (SL 70-129)
P07081 Composite page (four colours) (SL 70-130)
The composite page P07081 is based on paste-ups made from no.115 (yellow), no.116 (black), no.117 (red) and no.118 (blue), and photographically reproduced on deep-etch plates.

There is a further edition of 50 in black and white (L.6), known as 'Lines of one Inch in four Directions and all Combinations (Set of 16)'.

Published in:
Ronald Alley, Catalogue of the Tate Gallery's Collection of Modern Art other than Works by British Artists, Tate Gallery and Sotheby Parke-Bernet, London 1981, pp.429-30


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