Victor Pasmore



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Victor Pasmore 1908–1998
Etching on paper
Image: 718 × 1410 mm
Purchased 1981

Catalogue entry

P07416 STROMBOLI 1980

Inscribed ‘VP 80’ bottom right and ‘XIII/XV’

Etching, printed and published by 2RC, Rome in an edition of 90, 28 3/4×55 1/2 (71.7× 141)
Purchased from the artist (Grant-in-Aid) 1981

Lit: op.cit., no.85 (there given as ‘Untitled’, edition in preparation) Victor Pasmore: Towards New Symbols, Rome, 1982 (n.p.)

'Il Mostro’ [P07415] was the first of a series of etchings made at the 2RC studio in Rome, for which Pasmore used a very direct method of working on the plate to produce large and fluid areas of colour aquatint. He poured a solvent onto the varnished copper plate, controlling the run and spread of the liquid. The area thus bared for aquatinting and etching was then modified and augmented to complete the image. ‘Un Bel di Vedremo’ [P02545] and ‘Stromboli’ [P07416] were done in the same way, but for ‘Villa dei Misteri’ [P02546] Pasmore made the large colour areas more controlled, also overlaying small colour shapes. Pasmore had first worked at 2RC in 1970; he has since worked there many times, taking advantage of the unusually large plate sizes they can accomodate on their big press.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1980-82: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1984


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