Margot Perryman



Not on display

Margot Perryman born 1938
Acrylic paint on canvas
Support: 1727 × 1473 mm
Purchased 1970

Catalogue entry

Margot Perryman b. 1938

T01256 ARCADE 1969

Inscribed ‘Perryman TOP “ARCADE” T969’ on the back.
Acrylic on canvas, 68 x 58 (173 x 147).
Purchased from the artist through the New Art Centre (Henfield Gift, Denpril Ltd, and Gytha Trust) 1970.
Exh: Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, March 1970 (3); New Art Centre,
September 1970 (2).

The artist has written (letters of 20, 21 and 26 June 1971) that this was her last picture concerned with space in a landscape form and also the last of a succession of paintings that had a space in the middle of the canvas with pillar-like uprights on each side. She began this type of painting in January 1968 and continued until the series terminated with ‘Arcade’ 1969 in May 1969.

She had previously made another painting called ‘Arcade’ in 1968, though the two works were related only in both having a central space with a ‘lintel’ across the top.

After ‘Arcade’ 1969, ‘I started doing pictures still concerned with space in the centre but with a more formal (mathematical) structure around this space (the ‘Octave’ pictures). So in fact; now, instead of an arcade, or archway or gateway type landscape space, I have this space completely surrounded by rectangles or squares. The space is completely isolated, it is trapped… “Arcade” was a key painting that brought to a finish the landscape type space and was the forerunner to a closed in, isolated more abstract space.’ (Letter of 21 June 1971).

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1970–1972, London 1972.


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