Joseph Mallord William Turner

Inscription by Turner: A Midlands Itinerary


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Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851
Graphite on paper
Support: 181 × 111 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Turner Bequest XIX 4

Catalogue entry

The page, turned vertically, is taken up with the following notes in ink:
Eastward of Leek is Ecton Hill on the
Banks of the Dove near the Base of th [sic]
Hill is an opening through wich you
walk about 4.Hd yards. – Uttoxeter
S on the Dove. NNE to Ashbourn Do
to Wirksworth near which is Matlock
a Winding Dale for 3 Miles River.
Derwent the best tour of this Dal [sic]
to cross the R at the turnpike: up
the Winding rock to Hag rock
advance to an [sic] larg [sic] Elm then.
to Severall Ash Trees. above it
to the right a rock 150 F High still
further till a Adams bench
from which a Walk leads to the Bottom
where is another which leads. by the river
bank [or back?] by a Thick Wood lead to a Cascade
a small Distance a Rock 450 F perpendicular
Crumford [i.e. Cromford]. 3 Miles from Ashbourne
is dove dale a narow [sic] Glen for 2 Miles
The rectos between folio 2 (D00208) and folio 6 (D00212) are filled with similar notes.
Technical notes:
Finberg notes ‘Rest of line cut off’,1 referring to the outer edge of the page, where only the first word and upper portions of letters forming further words are visible.
Finberg 1909, I, p.27.
Blank; stamped in brown ink with Turner Bequest monogram bottom left.

Andrew Wilton
April 2012

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