Joseph Mallord William Turner

Inscriptions by Turner and his Stockbroker William Marsh: Accounts


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Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851
Graphite on paper
Support: 69 x 112 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Turner Bequest CXXII (3)

Catalogue entry

This is a pre-printed Bank of England slip with handwritten additions in ink. The words printed in black ink are ‘Teape, Printer, Tower-hill, London. | Bank of England, the [blank] day of [blank] 181[blank] | From | £ [blank] Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities. | To’. They are in Roman fonts except ‘Bank of England’, set in Gothic or black-letter:
                Teape, Printer, Tower-hill, London.  
            Bank of England, the day of 181 
       From  Joseph Mallord William Turner of 
                             Maiden Lane
        £     Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities.
        473 . . 5 . 7                 50 
        573  5 . 7  623 11 2        423  5  7 
        250                      473 5   7 
        823  5 . 7                 150  5  7 
This is one of a grouping of four loose papers kept in the integral pocket inside the front cover of the Finance sketchbook (D40898). One, D08356 (Turner Bequest CXXII (1)), is a receipt from a London coaching inn, with a delivery note on the back (D40899). There is another pre-printed Bank of England slip (D08357; Turner Bequest CXXII (2)). The fourth document is a much-folded sheet of accounts (D08359, D40900; Turner Bequest CXXII (4) and verso).
Turner’s name and address here are in the same flowing hand that filled out the whole of D08357, which includes the words ‘Wm, Marsh, Stock Broker, 5, Sweeting’s Alley’, presumably inscribed by Turner’s stockbroker William Marsh himself; the same hand is evident on D08359. The comparatively untidy figures on the lower half of the present sheet appear to be in Turner’s hand. Oddly, the pre-printed year, ‘181’ with the last digit left blank, clearly dates the slip to the 1810s, yet the address inscribed here is that of the London street where Turner was born and brought up, which he had left for Harley Street in 1800.1 D08357 is dated 1814, but gives no address for the artist.
The figure ‘423 5 7’ on the right also appears as the entry for 25 May 1810 on D08359, thus providing a working date for the present document; it also occurs in the Hastings sketchbook (Tate D07686; Turner Bequest CXI 59). Figures from the first column here are repeated on the verso of D08359 (D40900), which appears to be a continuation of accounts for 1810. For more on Turner’s finances as set out in the extensive notes in this sketchbook, see the Introduction.
See James Hamilton, ‘Maiden Lane’ in Evelyn Joll, Martin Butlin and Luke Herrmann (eds.), The Oxford Companion to J.M.W. Turner, Oxford 2001, p.183.

Matthew Imms
September 2013

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