MixTate WIFE on Bill Viola

London-based multi-instrumentalist WIFE takes inspiration from Bill Viola’s Tiny Deaths

Bill Viola’s work has a celestial, otherworldly quality. In Tiny Deaths I see something familiar but clarity is eroded. The work is simultaneously unnerving and calming, familiar and alien.

With such simplicity, the work offers the viewer a means of engaging with a shared truth with which we are born. The art which has always resonated with me the most is that which enables me to withdraw from consciousness and engage with the world that the art is offering. I favour art that affects the soul more so than the mind - something which I believe Viola has mastered. This is a quality that my favourite music offers, and one which I aim to deliver in my own work.


  1. WIFE – Heart Is a Far Light (Locrian Remix)
  2. Terence Sharpe – Without Conveyance
  3. The Haxan Cloak – The Fall
  4. Eric Dingus – 1224 Love Song
  5. Oceanlab – Satellite (Acapella WIFE edit)
  6. Quays – 917-410-6948 (excerpt)
  7. WIFE – Heart Is a Far Light (blown out edit)

WIFE is a solo project by multi-instrumentalist James Kelly, formerly of Altar of Plagues. His debut album What’s Between was released on Tri Angle in 2014.

This mixtape is the third in the MixTate series.

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