John Walker

Drawing 1981


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John Walker born 1939
Charcoal, chalk and acrylic paint on paper
Support: 1581 × 2222 mm
Purchased 1981

Catalogue entry

T03314 DRAWING 1981

Inscribed ‘Walker 81’ bottom right
Charcoal, red chalk and white acrylic on paper, 62 1/4×78 (158×221)
Purchased from Nigel Greenwood Inc. (Grant-in-Aid) 1981
Exh: John Walker, Nigel Greenwood Inc., August–September 1981 (no catalogue)
Lit: John Roberts, ‘John Walker’, Art Monthly, September 1981, pp.20–1; Dore Ashton, ‘John Walker’, Flash Art, no.104, October–November 1981, pp.44–5 and 48

This was the second largest of fifteen drawings by John Walker exhibited by Nigel Greenwood in August 1981. All of these were variations on the subject of the ‘Labyrinths’, some of the single central shape and some of several shapes together. The artist has confirmed that T03314 was drawn in his studio at Kew in July and August 1981, and is ‘yet another composition for a Labyrinth picture painted in Melbourne Australia Feb/ March titled T. Summerfield’. The painting ‘For T. Summerfield’, completed before T03314, has the same composition as the drawing. Both suggest an out-of-doors scene, with the ‘Labyrinth’ shapes placed in front of a ‘Labyrinth’ painting which is seen in the background on a diagonal.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1980-82: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1984

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