Nazgol Ansarinia on Tehran: 'Neighbourhoods are changing so fast'

We went to Tehran for Artist Cities, a series co-produced with The Guardian that explores cities of international artists

Nazgol Ansarinia is an artist who lives and works in Tehran, Iran. The artist takes experiences, objects and events that relate to contemporary Iranian daily life, and explores how they relate to a larger social context.

Ansarinia has said ‘my work is always focused on the environment that I live in, portraying very ordinary, everyday life and my position within that context... I’m a deconstructionist who reconstructs the torn apart elements that show something new about something so banal that has gone unnoticed. So repetitive that it becomes part of routine life.’

Artist Cities is a series co-produced with The Guardian, in which we explore the native or adopted cities of a range of major international artists. We learn how each artist has identified and developed a relationship with the landscape and city they call home and how such connections materialise in their work.

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