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Tate has partnered with Channel 4's Random Acts to present six films, in six styles of storytelling. Each filmmaker brings their own creative approach to create an intimate portrait of an LGBTQ-identifying individual.

Ian McKellen

Director Joe Stephenson captures Ian McKellen as he shares his experience of a time when established assumptions about gender and sexuality were being questioned and transformed.

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Jackie Kay

Lindsey Dryden directs this short film featuring poet laureate, writer and Third Scots Makar, Jackie Kay, as she looks back at her life and explores what identity means to her today.

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Les Child

Filmmaker Sharna Osborne, profiles choreographer, Les Child through an emotive film combining archival and original footage from the celebrated accounts of Pam Hogg, Stevie Stewart, Michael Clark Co. and Charles Atlas.

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David Hoyle

Directed by Matt Lambert, Divine David features avant-garde performance artist David Hoyle describing the first time he attended a gay club.

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Shon Faye

Directed by Emily McDonald, Shon Faye reflects on her experiences within all sides of the LGBT spectrum through a powerful monologue.

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Kareem Reid

Kareem Reid, founder of club night Body Party, contemplates navigating the world as a queer black body. Directed by Stephen Isaac-Wilson.

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