Tate Film's cinema programme is a stage for unique encounters with artists' film in all its forms.

Structured into three strands – Pioneers, Artists' Cinema and Counter-Histories – our cinema programme brings together works by artists and filmmakers who seek to challenge the conventions of the moving image and to examine its evolving role in visual culture.


This series presents retrospectives of filmmakers and artists whose works have proposed new approaches to the moving image.


This monthly series presents previews, premieres or unique presentations of works by emerging and established artists, followed by a discussion.


This series presents thematic programmes that challenge stereotypes of movements in film and art history.

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Summer/ Autumn Programme

Tate Modern Film

Invernomuto: Negus

31 Aug 2018

Don't miss a free screening of Italian artist duo Invernomuto's conceptual documentary, starring Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Tate Modern Film

Shireen Seno: Nervous Translation

19 Sep 2018

Experience a highly original take on the innocence and magic of childhood in this UK premiere

Tate Modern Film

Jeremy Shaw: Quantification Trilogy

26 Sep 2018

​Delve into extremes of subjective and hallucinatory experience with the UK premiere of this short film trilogy

Tate Modern Film

Lawrence Abu Hamdan: Walled Unwalled

1 Oct 2018, 2 Oct 2018, 3 Oct 2018, 4 Oct 2018, 5 Oct 2018, 6 Oct 2018, 7 Oct 2018

Discover the artist’s immersive video installation, newly conceived for the Tanks

Free entry
Tate Modern Film

Jumana Manna: Wild Relatives

10 Oct 2018

Follow the astonishing story of seed preservation in the face of war and climate change in artist Jumana Manna’s latest ...

Tate Modern Film

James N. Kienitz Wilkins: This Action Lies

14 Nov 2018

Catch the UK premiere of Wilkins’s new short film about the limits of observation

Tate Film

The Tate Film cinema programme is curated by Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator, International Art (Film) and Carly Whitefield, Assistant Curator, Film. The programme is produced by Judith Bowdler, Production Manager, Live & Film.

Tate Film is supported by In Between Art Film

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Tate Modern Performance

Lawrence Abu Hamdan: After SFX

4 Oct 2018

Don’t miss the premiere of a new, site-specific performance by artist and ‘private ear’ Lawrence Abu Hamdan