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Robert Mapplethorpe, ‘Patti Smith’ 1975
Robert Mapplethorpe
Patti Smith 1975
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Francesca Woodman, ‘Untitled’ 1975–80
Francesca Woodman
Untitled 1975–80
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Courtesy of Charles Woodman
Edward Ruscha, ‘Standard Study # 3’ 1963
Edward Ruscha
Standard Study # 3 1963
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Ed Ruscha
Jeff Koons, ‘Winter Bears’ 1988
Jeff Koons
Winter Bears 1988
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Jeff Koons
Robert Therrien, ‘No Title (Beard Cart)’ 2004
Robert Therrien
No Title (Beard Cart) 2004
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Robert Therrien
Vija Celmins, ‘Concentric Bearings D’ 1985
Vija Celmins
Concentric Bearings D 1985
Tate / National Galleries of Scotland
© Vija Celmins

ARTIST ROOMS has four learning aims, which are:

  • To engage ‘new’ young audiences (13 to 25 years old) across the UK with the ARTIST ROOMS collection and artists, in a meaningful and enjoyable way.
  • To establish and maintain effective collaborations between curators, educators and other gallery staff to maximise the potential of ARTIST ROOMS and realise its key objectives.
  • To build and make available a body of learning material and resources with young people and about young people connecting with ARTIST ROOMS.
  • To explore sustainable ways of developing and maintaining communities of young learners engaged in ARTIST ROOMS and contemporary art.

Ed Ruscha and the Art of the Everyday

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Jeff Koons: Banality, Decadence and Easyfun

From advertising and commerce to social-mobility and youth culture, explore some of the themes behind Jeff Koons’s art

The Photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe

From portraits of iconic figures in the art and music world to powerful and moving self-portraits

The Art of Louise Bourgeois

Home, family, sexuality and mortality... find out more about the powerful themes behind Bourgeois's art

Robert Therrien Objects and Stories

Discover the hidden drama, magic and mystery of ordinary, everyday objects