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The ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership is a collaboration between National Galleries of Scotland and Tate and the consortium of the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle

Edward Ruscha
ARTIST ROOMS Tate and National Galleries of Scotland

The ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership

The ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership is a collaboration between National Galleries of Scotland and Tate and the consortium of the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. The ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership is led by University of Edinburgh and directed by Prof Neil Cox. The Research Partnership will develop and deliver a broad and programme of research encompassing consisting of three main strands: Art and its Histories, Learning and Engagement and Technical and Conservation Research.

Outcomes of the Partnership will be varied, including conferences and forums, journal articles, books, teaching resources, new curatorial and interpretation strategies, technological innovations, as well as a programme of internships and PhD studentships. The Research Partnership will promote wide research networks within the UK and abroad who share an interest in ARTIST ROOMS.


An ARTIST ROOMS Warhol MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) has been developed as part of the ARTIST ROOMS research partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Tate, and the National Galleries of Scotland. This is the first art MOOC dedicated to a single artist and the first such course to be developed in a gallery/university partnership in the UK. The MOOC will introduce participants to the life and work of Andy Warhol, exploring his international standing, thematic concerns and creative innovations and examining his relationship to major artistic movements of the 20th century. The course will be delivered collaboratively by staff based in the School of Design at Edinburgh College of Art and the School of Education at the University of Edinburgh.

MOOCs are free online courses delivered from prestigious universities. They are open to all and encourage large-scale interactive participation. The development of this MOOC affords the opportunity for ARTIST ROOMS to do important early work in establishing the impact of MOOCs on gallery learning.


The Artcasting project is a collaboration between Digital Education and Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Working together with the National Galleries of Scotland, Tate, and the ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership, the project team is developing a new digital and mobile form of evaluation of arts-based engagement, in the context of ARTIST ROOMS On Tour.

Artcasting involves the visitor in selecting an image of an artwork from an exhibition, and digitally ‘casting’ it outward to another location, where it can be received on mobile devices in the future. The artwork will be linked with a significant place in the mind of the visitor, evoking memories and emotions, and supporting lasting learning. In addition, through brief stories visitors record about their choice of location, artcasting shows how the impact of an exhibition may be extended imaginatively and literally through space and time.

ESRC CASE Studentship

In addition to the Research Partnership, a collaborative doctorate was established in 2010 in partnership with University of Exeter Business School to investigate young peoples’ experiences of engaging with ARTIST ROOMS. This ESRC-funded CASE studentship commenced in January 2011, and the appointed student, Stephen Vainker, will be using Evaluation feedback and input from identified Associates to help inform this research.