The Contingency of Curation – Part 1: The Autonomous Curator

The Contingency of Curation – Part 2: Mediation as Production

The Contingency of Curation – Part 3: Curating Friction

Despite the diverse processes that make up the curatorial, its presence in artistic culture and its power to organise the reception and distribution of art, curation seems to struggle to transform the conditions within which it operates. At this symposium, which is led by MA Curating students from Chelsea College of Art, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Essex, invited speakers from a range of disciplines address the contingency of curation and its consequences for culture and society.

Speakers include Andrea Philips, Roman Vassuer, Munira Mirza, Emily Pethick, Emma Dexter and Sound Theshold (Daniella Cascella and Lucia Farinati).