To thank you when you pledge a gift in your Will to support Tate in years to come, we would be delighted to invite you to join the 1897 Circle.

As a part of the 1897 Circle, you will:

  • be invited to a special annual event hosted by Tate’s Legacy Ambassadors, David and Jenny Tate
  • receive an annual newsletter that includes information about upcoming events and programmes across all four Tate galleries

David and Jenny Tate

portrait of David and Jenny Tate

David Tate is the great-great-grandson of our founding benefactor Sir Henry Tate. It has been over 120 years since the gallery first opened its doors to the public in 1897, and we are delighted that the Tate family are still so closely associated with the gallery and our work.

As legacy ambassadors, David and Jenny Tate are also involved in The 1897 Circle, welcoming members to special events and introducing our bi-annual newsletter.

We hope that you will choose to join The 1897 Circle and help us plan for the gallery's future.

I am passionate about art: for me art is essential for glimpsing the deeper meaning of life and linking me to what transcends myself. At the same time art makes me feel excitingly and gloriously alive. That is why I have been visiting Tate since my early youth and Tate St. Ives since its opening in 1993. I want to help to ensure that future generations can go on enjoying art and benefitting from its contribution to their well-being, their search for themselves and meaning in life. To support this objective I have decided to leave a cultural bequest to Tate in my will. Also, even though a foreigner living abroad, I have always felt myself made very welcome at Tate.
Claudia Rosanowski, Tate Member since 2012

Marilyn Bild
James Birch
David and Deborah Botten
Geoff Bradbury
Charles Brett
Eloise and Francis Charlton
Paul Cumming-Benson
Alex Davids
Jonathan Davis
Sean Dissington
Ronnie Duncan
Joan Edlis
V Fabian
Ian Fletcher
Lt Cdr Paul Fletcher
Mr and Mrs R.N. and M.C. Fry
Richard S. Hamilton
L.A. Hynes
John Iddon
John Janssen
Estate of Paule Vézelay
Dr Martin Kenig
Isa Levy
Theo Matoff
Jean Medlycott
Tony Miller
Miss Sue Novell and Mr Graham Smith
Martin Owen
Ruth Rattenbury
Simon Reynolds
Dianne Roberts
Dr Claudia Rosanowski
Ann M Smith
Alan Sprince
Deborah Stern
Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes
D. Von-Bethmann Hollweg
Audrey Wallrock
Rosie Watts
Prof. Brian Whitton
Simon Casimir Wilson
Kay and Dyson Wilkes
Andrew Woodd
Mr Zilberberg

and those who wish to remain anonymous

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