Press Release

Memorandum of Understanding between Tate and Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman

Tate and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which formalises their commitment to cooperate in cultural exchange and museum development, and to promote mutual understanding of the art sector of Oman and the UK.

The memorandum sets out an intention to work together to build the capacity of the arts and museum sector in Oman, with Tate providing training and advice in museum management. It is expected that Tate and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture will jointly develop a training programme for staff of the Ministry’s museums to be delivered in both Muscat and London in 2013, in advance of the opening of the Sultanate’s new National Museum. This will include training modules in areas such as visitor services, collection management, audience development and learning.

The Memorandum notes the intention to develop further exhibitions in Oman of works from Tate’s collection, following the successful presentation of The Art of Seeing Nature: Masterpieces from the Tate Britain Collection in Muscat in late 2010. 

H.E. Salim M. Almahruqi, Under-Secretary for Heritage Affairs at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture said:

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture is pleased to enter into a new phase of cooperation with the Board of Trustees of Tate. This new phase of cooperation opens new possibilities for the Museum sector in Oman that comes in line with the Ministry’s ambitious plans to develop the sector by building new museums, upgrading existing ones, and in capacity building on wide range of professions. Key amongst the upcoming projects includes the National Museum, scheduled for completion by 2014, in addition to the Maritime History Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Tate Director Nicholas Serota commented on the occasion by saying that:

Tate is delighted to have this opportunity to develop our relationship with museum colleagues in Oman at a time when the museum sector is undergoing ambitious expansion. We look forward to reciprocal exchange and to welcoming staff from the new National Museum and other museums developed by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.