Press Release

Steve McQueen wins the 1999 Turner Prize

The 1999 Turner Prize has been awarded to Steve McQueen it was announced at the Tate Gallery this evening. The £20,000 prize, sponsored by Channel 4 since 1991, was presented by architect Zaha Hadid. It was also announced that Channel 4 will continue to sponsor the Turner Prize for another three years.

Steve McQueen was shortlisted for his exhibition at the ICA which included his film piece Deadpan 1997 and a major new video installation Drumroll 1998. In awarding him the prize the jury admired the poetry and clarity of his vision, the range of his work, its emotional intensity and economy of means. They were excited by his continuing intellectual and technical evolution.

The jury also praised the work of Tracey Emin, Steven Pippin and Jane and Louise Wilson and wished to thank them for their contribution in making such a strong exhibition. They applauded the exhibition’s part in broadening the debate about contemporary art in Britain.