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Tate appoints Adjunct Research Curator for the Middle East supported by Iran Heritage Foundation

Tate appoints Adjunct Research Curator for the Middle East supported by Iran Heritage Foundation: Press release

Tate is delighted to announce today that it has appointed Morad Montazami (born 1981) as Adjunct Research Curator, supported by the Iran Heritage Foundation, to focus on art from the Middle Eastregion. Morad Montazami will take up the post on 6 January 2014 for an initial period of three years. This post forms part of a commitment to develop Tate’s knowledge and expertise in Middle Eastern art.

Until recently Professor of Art History, Visual Culture and Cultural Studies at the Advanced Institute of the Arts of Toulouse, France, Morad Montazami has a Masters degree In English literature and civilisation (LLCE) from the University of Nanterre, Paris and is about to complete his PhD in History and Theory of Art at the École des hautes études en science sociales (EHESS).

Montazami is editor in chief of the Journal Zamân which focuses on post-orientalism, cosmopolitan modernities and the intercultural traffic at the crossroads of the Middle East and Europe. He is currently co-curator with Catherine David, of a group exhibition on Iranian modern visual culture opening in May 2014 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Montazami has also been collaborating with the BBC for their short documentaries in Farsi on modern artists from Iran.

Frances Morris, Head of Collection (International Art) at Tate said: ‘We look forward to welcoming Morad Montazami to Tate. His expertise and experience will be hugely beneficial to deepening our knowledge of art from this region.’

Vahid Alaghband, Chairman of Iran Heritage Foundation, said: ‘We are pleased to note that this timely appointment marks the launch of our Institutional Partnership with the Tate. We wish Dr Montazami great success in his mission.’

Iran Heritage Foundation

Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) is the leading promoter of Iranian history and culture in the UK. With a mission to promote and preserve the language, history and culture of Iran and the Persians, the IHF partners with museums, universities and artistic and scholarly institutions to organise exhibitions, convene conferences, appoint curators and fellows and make academic and publishing grants. To find out more about the IHF, visit

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