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Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Tate Britain today announced the shortlist for Turner Prize 2021: Array Collective, Black Obsidian Sound System, Cooking Sections, Gentle/Radical, and Project Art Works. An exhibition of their work will be held at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry from 29 September 2021 to 12 January 2022 as part of the UK City of Culture 2021 celebrations. The winner will be announced on 1 December 2021 at an award ceremony at Coventry Cathedral covered on the BBC.

This is the first time a Turner Prize jury has selected a shortlist consisting entirely of artist collectives. All the nominees work closely and continuously with communities across the breadth of the UK to inspire social change through art. The collaborative practices selected for this year’s shortlist also reflect the solidarity and community demonstrated in response to the pandemic.

Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain and Chair of the Turner Prize jury, said: “One of the great joys of the Turner Prize is the way it captures and reflects the mood of the moment in contemporary British art. After a year of lockdowns when very few artists have been able to exhibit publicly, the jury has selected five outstanding collectives whose work has not only continued through the pandemic but become even more relevant as a result.”

Francis Nielsen, Cultural & Creative Director of Culture Coventry, said: “We are incredibly excited to work with the five collectives to present their work at the Herbert as part of UK City of Culture 2021. We pride ourselves on our socially engaged programme, rooted in and relevant to our local communities – something echoed by the practice of each collective. This selection of artists and the timing of this Turner Prize presents us with the opportunity to do something truly exceptional.”

Array Collective is a group of Belfast-based artists who create collaborative actions in response to issues affecting Northern Ireland. Their work encompasses performances, protests, exhibitions and events. The jury commended the way Array Collective fuse seriousness with humour, and address contemporary issues using ancient folk imagery. Recent projects include public artworks in support of the decriminalization of abortion in Northern Ireland, challenging legislative discrimination of the queer community, and participation in the group exhibition Jerwood Collaborate! in London.

Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) is a London-based collective which works across art, sound and radical activism. Formed by and for QTIBPOC (Queer, Trans and Intersex Black and People of Colour), B.O.S.S. challenges the dominant norms of sound-system culture across the African diaspora through club nights, art installations, technical workshops and creative commissions. Recent projects include live events at Somerset House, and a Lux/ICO film commission Collective Hum, documenting the polyphony of collectivity. The jury praised B.O.S.S.’s live performances and their commitment to community, including an online 24-hour fundraising rave, organised in part by members of the collective.

Cooking Sections is a London-based duo examining the systems that organise the world through food. Using installation, performance and video, they explore the overlapping boundaries between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics. The jury applauded the ingenuity of their long-term CLIMAVORE project asking how our diet can respond to the climate emergency. Recent work has included a sound, light and sculpture installation at Tate Britain in 2020 reflecting on salmon farming, as well as an ongoing installation-performance in the Isle of Skye which sees an underwater oyster table turn into a community dining space at low tide.

Gentle/Radical is a project based in Cardiff run by artists, community workers, performers, faith practitioners, writers and others, advocating for art as a tool for social change. They create real and virtual spaces for communities in Wales to engage with culture. The jury admired their deep commitment to the hyper-local community of Riverside in which they are based. Recent activities include Doorstep Revolution, an ongoing project to share neighbourhood stories during lockdown; and the Gentle/Radical Film Club, a pop-up cinema space for diverse communities to engage in dialogues around the urgent issues of our time through independent film.

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and makers based in Hastings. They explore art through collaborative practice with, for and by neurominorities and disseminate their work through exhibitions, events, films and digital platforms. Recent projects include the film Illuminating the Wilderness 2019, which follows members of the collective with their families and carers exploring a remote Scottish glen. The jury praised their continuing work through the pandemic, both online and in a residency at Hastings Contemporary where passers-by could still encounter work by the collective through the windows of the closed gallery.

One of the world’s best-known prizes for the visual arts, the Turner Prize aims to promote public debate around new developments in contemporary British art. Established in 1984, the prize is named after the radical British painter JMW Turner (1775-1851). The Turner Prize winner is awarded £25,000 with £10,000 going to each of the others shortlisted.

The members of the Turner Prize 2021 jury are Aaron Cezar, Director, Delfina Foundation; Kim McAleese, Programme Director, Grand Union; Russell Tovey, Actor; and Zoé Whitley, Director, Chisenhale Gallery. The jury is chaired by Alex Farquharson, Director, Tate Britain.

Turner Prize 2021 is supported by the AKO Foundation, with additional support from The John Browne Charitable Trust and Lance Uggla.

For press information about Tate and Turner Prize contact Tate’s Press Office:
Email kitty.malton@tate.org.uk

For press information about Turner Prize 2021 and Herbert Art Gallery and Museum:
Email dennis@boltonquinn.com or call +44(0)20 7221 5000

Images can be downloaded from Tate's dropbox.

Neurodiverse is a term used to acknowledge different states of understanding and living in the world. Neurodivergence and neurominorities are terms that embrace autistic people and/or those who have learning or intellectual disabilities.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is an award-winning gallery and museum situated in the cultural heart of Coventry. The Herbert has a large and wide-ranging collection including social history, archaeology, natural history and art. There are around 6,000 works in the Herbert's visual arts collection, the earliest of which is an Elizabethan portrait attributed to Lucas de Heere. British life and landscape feature in canvases by LS Lowry, Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, Paul Nash and George Shaw. The Gallery collects new and recent art in a variety of media and styles, currently developing a collection of art on the themes of conflict, peace and reconciliation. Temporary exhibition spaces have hosted collections from museums nationally and internationally. The Herbert has recently undergone a vast redevelopment in preparation for Coventry UK City of Culture, enabling the gallery to display more works and major world-class exhibitions. Further information: theherbert.org/about/default.aspx

Culture Coventry Trust (CCT) – which operates the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum – receives regular public funding from Coventry City Council and Arts Council England. CCT has also received additional funding from Coventry City Council and Arts Council England (through the National Lottery) to support the delivery of its UK City of Culture programme, including the Turner Prize.

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 will commence on 15 May 2021, running for 12 months. The 365-day cultural programme will reflect Coventry as a diverse, modern city, demonstrating that culture is a force that changes lives. Coventry is known internationally as a city of welcome, a city of activists and pioneers, peace and reconciliation, innovation, and invention, and now a City of Culture.

Coventry is the city where movement began, from innovation in the transport industry to a history of welcome, it has moved people for centuries. For a whole year, Coventry will celebrate with events, music, dance, theatre, and large-scale spectacle. As well as these big celebrations, it will show its unexpected side, with more intimate experiences and ways to get involved in every neighbourhood. And it’s not just Coventry. This epic celebration will also witness the entire region getting involved and benefitting from the opportunities that being City of Culture brings. It will be co-created with the people of Coventry and bring about long-term social, economic, and cultural benefits.

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 is grateful for the support of their Partners and Champions.




Heddiw, cyhoeddodd Tate Britain y rhestr fer ar gyfer Gwobr Turner 2021: Array Collective, Black Obsidian Sound System, Cooking Sections, Gentle/Radical, a Project Art Works. Bydd arddangosfa o’u gwaith yn cael ei chynnal yng Ngaleri Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert yn Coventry rhwng 29 Medi 2021 a 12 Ionawr 2022, fel rhan o ddathliadau Dinas Diwylliant y DU 2021. Bydd yr enillydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi ar 1 Rhagfyr 2021 mewn seremoni wobrwyo yng Nghadeirlan Coventry a ddarlledir gan y BBC.

Dyma’r tro cyntaf i feirniaid Gwobr Turner ddewis rhestr fer sy’n cynnwys cydweithfeydd artistiaid yn unig. Mae’r holl enwebedigion yn gweithio’n agos ac yn barhaus â chymunedau ledled y DU i ysgogi newid cymdeithasol drwy gelfyddyd. Mae’r cydweithfeydd a ddewiswyd ar gyfer rhestr fer eleni hefyd yn adlewyrchu’r undod a’r gymuned a gyflëwyd mewn ymateb i’r pandemig.

Meddai Alex Farquharson, Cyfarwyddwr Tate Britain a Chadeirydd panel beirniadu Gwobr Turner: “Un o’r pethau gwych am Wobr Turner yw'r ffordd y mae’n cyfleu ac yn adlewyrchu ymdeimlad y foment mewn celf gyfoes ym Mhrydain. Ar ôl blwyddyn o gyfnodau dan glo, pan mai dim ond nifer fach iawn o artistiaid sydd wedi gallu arddangos yn gyhoeddus, mae’r beirniaid wedi dewis pum cydweithfa rhagorol y mae eu gwaith nid yn unig wedi parhau drwy gydol y pandemig, ond sydd wedi dod yn fwy perthnasol o’i herwydd.”

Meddai Francis Nielsen, Cyfarwyddwr Diwylliannol a Chreadigol Culture Coventry: “Rydym yn teimlo’n hynod o gyffrous i weithio gyda’r pum cydweithfa i gyflwyno eu gwaith yn yr Herbert fel rhan o Ddinas Diwylliant y DU 2021. Rydym yn ymfalchïo yn ein hunain mewn perthynas â’n rhaglen o ymgysylltiad cymdeithasol, sydd wedi ei gwreiddio yn ein cymunedau lleol ac sy’n berthnasol iddynt - rhywbeth sy’n cael ei adlewyrchu gan waith pob cydweithfa. Mae’r dewis hwn o artistiaid ac amseriad Gwobr Turner yn cyflwyno cyfle i ni wneud rhywbeth sy’n wirioneddol eithriadol.”


Mae Array Collective yn grŵp o artistiaid sydd wedi’u lleoli ym Melfast sy’n creu camau ar y cyd mewn ymateb i’r materion sy’n effeithio ar Ogledd Iwerddon. Mae eu gwaith yn cwmpasu perfformiadau, protestiadau, arddangosfeydd a digwyddiadau. Canmolodd y beirniaid sut y mae Array Collective yn cyfuno difrifoldeb â hiwmor, ac yn mynd i’r afael â materion cyfoes gan ddefnyddio delweddau gwerin hynafol. Mae ei brosiectau diweddar yn cynnwys gweithiau celf cyhoeddus i gefnogi’r broses o ddad-droseddoli erthylu yng Ngogledd Iwerddon, herio gwahaniaethu yn erbyn y gymuned queer mewn deddfwriaeth, a chymryd rhan yn yr arddangosfa grŵp Jerwood Collaborate! yn Llundain.

Mae Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) yn gydweithfa sydd wedi’i lleoli yn Llundain sy’n gweithio ar draws actifiaeth gelfyddydol, sain a radicalaidd. Fe’i ffurfiwyd gan ac ar gyfer pobl dduon a chroenliw queer, draws a rhyngrywiol, ac mae B.O.S.S. yn herio syniadau arferol amlycaf y diwylliant systemau sain ymysg y bobl Affricanaidd ar wasgar drwy glybiau nos, gosodweithiau celf, gweithdai technegol a chomisiynau creadigol. Mae ei brosiectau diweddar yn cynnwys digwyddiadau byw yn Nhŷ Somerset, a chomisiwn ffilm Lux/ICO, Collective Hum, sy’n dogfennu polyffoni dulliau cynulliadol. Canmolodd y beirniaid berfformiadau byw B.O.S.S. a’i ymrwymiad i’r gymuned, gan gynnwys parti dawns dros 24 awr ar-lein i godi arian, a drefnwyd yn rhannol gan aelodau’r gydweithfa.

Mae Cooking Sections yn ddeuawd o Lundain sy’n archwilio’r systemau sy’n trefnu’r byd drwy fwyd. Gan ddefnyddio gosodweithiau, perfformiadau a fideos, maent yn archwilio’r ffiniau sy’n gorgyffwrdd rhwng celf, pensaernïaeth, ecoleg a geo-wleidyddiaeth. Canmolodd y beirniaid ddyfeisgarwch eu prosiect CLIMAVORE hirdymor sy’n gofyn sut y gall ein deiet ymateb i’r argyfwng o ran yr hinsawdd. Mae eu gwaith diweddar wedi cynnwys gosodwaith sain, golau a cherfluniau yn Tate Britain yn 2020 sy’n adlewyrchu ar ffermio samwn, yn ogystal â gosodwaith a pherfformiad parhaus ar Ynys Skye lle mae bwrdd wystrys o dan y dŵr yn troi’n fan bwyta cymunedol pan fydd y llanw’n isel.

Mae Gentle/Radical yn brosiect sydd wedi’i leoli yng Nghaerdydd sy’n cael ei redeg gan artistiaid, gweithwyr cymunedol, perfformwyr, ymarferwyr ffydd, awduron ac eraill, sy’n cefnogi defnyddio celf fel dull ar gyfer newid cymdeithasol. Mae’n creu mannau gwirioneddol a rhithwir i gymunedau yng Nghymru ymgysylltu â diwylliant. Roedd y beirniaid yn edmygu ei ymrwymiad dwfn i gymuned leol iawn Riverside, lle mae wedi’i leoli. Mae ei weithgareddau diweddar yn cynnwys Doorstep Revolution, prosiect parhaus i rannu storïau’r gymdogaeth yn ystod y cyfnodau clo; a Gentle/Radical Film Club, sef gofod sinema dros dro i gymunedau amrywiol allu ymgysylltu mewn sgyrsiau am faterion brys ein hoes drwy ffilmiau annibynnol.

Mae Project Art Works yn gydweithfa o artistiaid a gwneuthurwyr niwroamrywiol sydd wedi’u lleoli yn Hastings. Maent yn archwilio celf drwy arferion cydweithredol gyda, ar gyfer a chan bobl niwroleiafrifol ac yn lledaenu eu gwaith drwy arddangosiadau, digwyddiadau, ffilmiau a llwyfannau digidol. Mae eu prosiectau diweddar yn cynnwys y ffilm Illuminating the Wilderness 2019, sy’n dilyn aelodau’r gydweithfa gyda’u teuluoedd a’u gofalwyr wrth iddynt archwilio glyn diarffordd yn yr Alban. Canmolodd y beirniaid eu gwaith parhaus drwy’r pandemig, ar-lein ac yn eu lleoliad yn Hastings Contemporary, lle gallai’r bobl a oedd yn cerdded heibio barhau i weld gwaith y gydweithfa drwy ffenestri’r galeri a oedd ar gau.

Mae Gwobr Turner yn un o wobrwyon mwyaf adnabyddus y byd ar gyfer y celfyddydau gweledol, ac mae’n anelu at annog trafodaeth gyhoeddus ynghylch y datblygiadau newydd mewn celf gyfoes ym Mhrydain. Fe’i sefydlwyd ym 1984, ac mae’r wobr wedi’i henwi ar ôl y peintiwr radical Prydeinig, JMW Turner (1775-1851). Bydd enillydd y wobr yn derbyn £25,000, gyda £10,000 yn cael ei gyflwyno i bawb arall ar y rhestr fer.

Aelodau panel beirniadu Gwobr Turner 2021 yw Aaron Cezar, Cyfarwyddwr, Delfina Foundation; Kim McAleese, Cyfarwyddwr Rhaglenni, Grand Union; Russell Tovey, Actor; a Zoé Whitley, Cyfarwyddwr, Oriel Chisenhale. Mae’r panel beirniadu’n cael ei gadeirio gan Alex Farquharson, Cyfarwyddwr, Tate Britain.

Cefnogir Gwobr Turner 2021 gan AKO Foundation, gyda chefnogaeth ychwanegol gan The John Browne Charitable Trust a Lance Uggla.

I gael gwybodaeth i’r wasg ynghylch y Tate a Gwobr Turner, cysylltwch â Swyddfa’r Wasg y Tate: E-bostiwch kitty.malton@tate.org.uk neu ffoniwch +44(0)7590598293

I gael gwybodaeth i’r wasg ynghylch Gwobr Turner 2021 ac Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert, cysylltwch â Bolton & Quinn: E-bostiwch dennis@boltonquinn.com neu ffoniwch +44(0)20 7221 5000


Mae niwroamrywiol yn derm a ddefnyddir i gydnabod y gwahanol ffyrdd o ddeall y byd a byw ynddo. Mae niwrowahanol a niwroleiafrifol yn dermau sy’n cwmpasu pobl awtistig a/neu’r rheini sydd ag anableddau dysgu neu ddeallusol.

Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert

Mae Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert yn oriel ac amgueddfa sydd wedi ennill gwobrau sydd wedi’i lleoli wrth galon ddiwylliannol Coventry. Mae gan yr Herbert gasgliad eang sy’n cynnwys hanes cymdeithasol, archeoleg, astudiaethau natur a chelf. Mae oddeutu 6,000 o weithiau yng nghasgliad celf weledol yr Herbert, a’r gwaith cynharaf yw’r portread o oes Elisabeth a briodolir i Lucas De Heere. Mae bywyd a thirluniau Prydeinig yn ymddangos ar ganfasau gan LS Lowry, Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, Paul Nash a George Shaw. Mae’r galeri yn casglu celf newydd a diweddar mewn amrywiaeth o gyfryngau a dulliau, ac mae’n datblygu casgliad o waith celf ar y themâu o wrthdaro, heddwch a chymodi ar hyn o bryd. Mae mannau arddangos dros dro wedi cynnwys casgliadau o amgueddfeydd cenedlaethol a rhyngwladol. Mae gwaith ailddatblygu eang wedi digwydd yn yr Herbert yn ddiweddar er mwyn gallu arddangos mwy o waith ac arddangosfeydd mawr o safon fyd-eang. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yma: theherbert.org/about/default.aspx

Mae Culture Coventry Trust (CCT) – sy’n rhedeg Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert – yn derbyn cyllid cyhoeddus yn rheolaidd gan Gyngor Dinas Coventry ac Arts Council England. Mae CCT hefyd wedi derbyn cyllid ychwanegol gan Gyngor Dinas Coventry ac Arts Council England (drwy’r Loteri Genedlaethol) i gefnogi’r gwaith o ddarparu ei raglen ar gyfer Dinas Diwylliant y DU, gan gynnwys Gwobr Turner.

Dinas Diwylliant y DU Coventry 2021

Bydd Dinas Diwylliant y DU Coventry 2021 yn dechrau ar 15 Mai 2021, ac yn cael ei gynnal am 12 mis. Bydd y rhaglen ddiwylliannol 365 niwrnod yn cyfleu Coventry fel dinas amrywiol, fodern, gan arddangos bod diwylliant yn rym sy’n newid bywydau. Caiff Coventry ei hadnabod yn rhyngwladol fel dinas groesawgar, dinas o actifyddion ac arloeswyr, sy’n hyrwyddo heddwch a chymodi, arloesedd, a dyfeisgarwch, a, bellach, fel Dinas Diwylliant.

Mae Coventry yn ddinas lle y dechreuodd newid; o’r arloesedd yn y diwydiant trafnidiaeth i hanes o groeso, mae wedi symud pobl am ganrifoedd. Am flwyddyn gyfan, bydd Coventry yn dathlu drwy ddigwyddiadau, cerddoriaeth, dawns, theatr, a sioe ar raddfa fawr. Yn ogystal â’r dathliadau mawr hyn, bydd yn dangos ei hochr annisgwyl, gyda phrofiadau mwy personol a ffyrdd o gymryd rhan ym mhob cymdogaeth. Ac nid yn Coventry yn unig. Bydd y dathliad enfawr hwn hefyd yn cynnwys yr holl ranbarth, a fydd yn cymryd rhan ac yn cael budd o’r cyfleoedd y mae bod yn Ddinas Diwylliant yn eu cyflwyno. Bydd yn cael ei greu ar y cyd â phobl Coventry ac yn dod â buddiannau cymdeithasol, economaidd a diwylliannol hirdymor.

Mae Dinas Diwylliant y DU Coventry 2021 yn ddiolchgar am gefnogaeth ei Bartneriaid a’i Gefnogwyr.