Collecting and Exhibiting American Art at Tate

The essays in this section explore the significance of three survey exhibitions of American art held at Tate during the post-war years in relation to Tate’s engagement with American art more broadly during the directorships of John Rothenstein and Norman Reid. They examine Tate’s institutional attitudes towards American art, revealing the opportunities and challenges it faced in building a world-class collection of art from the United States, and the transatlantic relations that had an impact on post-war British art and society.

  • American Painting , 1946

    Caroline M. Riley

    Presented at the Tate Gallery in 1946, American Painting: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day was the first …
  • Modern Art in the United States , 1956

    Frank Spicer

    The 1956 exhibition Modern Art in the United States introduced visitors to the Tate Gallery to a wide range of …
  • The New American Painting , 1959

    Frank Spicer

    Keen to present the latest American painting to British audiences, the Tate Gallery secured a place for itself in the …