Tate Papers ISSN 1753-9854

Tate Papers no.27 Spring 2017

Exchanges between British and American artists in the years 1880–1980 are the theme of this issue, which includes explorations of the effects of transatlanticism on English artists’ support for socially engaged mural painting in the 1930s, on David Hockney’s early autobiographical prints, and on the work of conceptual art collective Art & Language. Shifting attitudes towards British and American artists are discussed in relation to critics’ responses to John Singer Sargent and the writings of David Sylvester, while other articles look at the aesthetic impact of transatlantic travel on the art of Joseph Pennell and William Johnstone, and the influence of American psychology on photographer Peter Henry Emerson’s theories of naturalism.

Edited by Professor Martin Hammer and Professor David Peters Corbett

Viscount (Jack) Hastings, The Worker of the Future 1935

Viscount (Jack) Hastings
The Worker of the Future 1935
Marx Memorial Library, London