July 2021

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Tate Papers. We are currently reforming the journal in line with the commitments made in an Editorial published in December 2020, which articulates our ambition to develop anti-racist, equitable and transparent editorial practices. With these commitments in mind, and with respect to the time it takes to embed them into our daily work, we have taken the decision to temporarily pause consideration of open submissions to the journal.

We are privileged to have published so many wonderful articles that have been submitted to the journal through this open channel, but we hope that our contributors understand the need for us to reform some of our systems, including and especially how we invite submissions. By the end of this process, we will be able to more clearly articulate our priorities, our decision-making and what we are looking for in submissions, which we believe will benefit all future contributors.

If you have any questions about these reforms, or would like to offer suggestions or reflections, we encourage you to contact us either on Twitter @TateResearch or by emailing research@tate.org.uk.