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William Hogarth, ‘The Painter and his Pug’ 1745
William Hogarth, The Painter and his Pug 1745. Tate

See British artworks from 1730–1765, including an iconic self-portrait by Hogarth

This is a period when Britain is really emerging as a world power on the world stage, growing economically, politically... and culturally. Curator Tim Batchelor

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Under the reign of King George II, Britain entered wars with Spain and France, and had a military presence in American and India. In 1740, in the wake of military success and territorial expansion, the famous song Rule Britannia was written.

It was also a period of cultural growth. The earlier period is dominated by artists who are born and trained overseas, who have practiced their work in Britain. This period sees the emergence of native-born British artists of a national and international stature. Chief among these was William Hogarth, often referred to as the founder of the British school of painting.


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