Start Display: Room One

John Hegley on Matisse's The Snail 1953

Poet John Hegley on what he sees in The Snail

In the Studio: Studio Practice

Alice Proctor on Degas's Little Dancer 1880–1

Art historian Alice Proctor discusses Degas’s Little Dancer

Edgar Degas
Little Dancer Aged Fourteen (1880–1, cast c.1922)

In The Studio: Atul Dodiya

Annette King on Mondrian's Composition B (No.II) with Red 1935

Paintings conservator Annette King discusses Mondrian's ‘plan’ for this work

In the Studio: International Surrealism

Michael Wellen on Lam's Ibaye 1950

Michael Wellen, curator on what attracts him to this Lam’s work

Wifredo Lam
Ibaye (1950)

In the Studio: International Surrealism

Annette King on Dalí’s Autumnal Cannibalism 1936

Annette King, paintings conservator, on the meaning of Dalí’s title

In the Studio: The Disappearing Figure

John Hegley on Richier’s Chessboard 1959

Poet John Hegley considers names for Richier’s chess pieces

In the Studio: The Disappearing Figure

Annette King on El-Salahi's Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams I 1961–5

Conservator Annette King explains how El-Salahi made this work

Ibrahim El-Salahi
Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams I (1961–5)

In the Studio: Mark Rothko

Rachel Barker on Seagram Murals

Rachel Barker, paintings conservator, explains why the Seagram Murals were painted

Artists and Society: View from Sao Paulo

Gates Sofer on Hepworth's Oval Sculpture (No. 2) 1943

Gates Sofer, sculpture conservator, on the serenity in Hepworth’s work

Dame Barbara Hepworth
Oval Sculpture (No. 2) (1943, cast 1958)

Artists and Society: Civil War

Zoe Whitely on Ngwenya’s Untitled 1967

Curator Zoe Whitely discusses what Ngwenya’s work means to her

Malangatana Ngwenya
Untitled (1967)

Artists and Society: Citizens

Zoe Whitely on Gates's Civil Tapestry 4 2011

Curator Zoe Whitely on the meaning behind Gates’s use of fire hoses

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